Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Human Smugglers: Coyotes

A coyote or pollero is someone who specializes in human smuggling, bringing people across the United States border from Mexico. Coyotes use a variety of techniques to their illegal clients over the border, ranging from sneaking across the desert to hiding smuggled immigrants in trucks. A human smuggler is not the same as a human trafficker. A human smuggler helps people get across the border for a high fee, and then generally lets them go. But human traffickers will sell the person as a slave, for prostitution, for drug transportation, and exploit them. The U.S. immigration officials reported that 11 illegal immigrants who had been smuggled into the country were found dead in a covered grain car in Iowa. Their bodies had been trapped at least four months. Crossing the Unites States can be the death for many illegal immigrants.
The coyotes clients are girls as young as 13, to pregnant women. Having girls been transported by the Mexican drug cartels is becoming seriously dangerous. Mexican drug cartels have moved in on coyotes. The cartels count with advance communication devices, better transportation, relations with corrupt border patrols.  According to the U.S. Border Patrol Special Agent Joe Romero; “Now, because of the so-called security needs of the border, what’s been created is this structure of smuggling in the hands of really nasty people who only treat the migrants as a commodity.” The Mexican cartels transport illegal immigrants with drug trafficking. The cartels are well organized. The crimes towards illegal immigrants committed by the cartels are increasing, and more than 350 kidnappings were recorded in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona police say there have been numerous reports of violence committed at drop houses.
The coyotes are selected by their reputation, by illegal immigrants to cross them to the Unites States. The coyote will guide them safely. People use a coyote, rather than attempting to cross by themselves. People are less likely to die when an expert is guiding them. But now that the Mexican Cartels are taking over the business, people should take in consideration the visa and migrate legally. Turning to coyotes is not always the best option, and if the visa is denied they have to take the time and reapply. People should be more aware of the dangerous that the Mexican Cartels are and appreciate life more.

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  1. I think your background is very impressive and that you survived the difficult transit across the border. I am proud to know that you are a legal citizen now and that you are working on your college education to be a productive member of society. Keep up the good work and stay proud of your accomplishments.