Saturday, October 16, 2010

Women Sex Trafficking

Women sex trafficking is a profitable international industry.  In both cities of the Mexico-USA border the sex workers are rented to cantinas, bars, hotels, massages parlors and street corners to be prostituted. Most clients are man living in the U.S. side of the border.  Prostitution cost in Mexico is cheaper compared to the one in the United States. Crossing the border and looking for a prostitute is easier than locating a gas station in Sacramento, and we have gas station in almost every corner. A law journal describes prostitution as, “Going to a prostitute is like going to McDonald’s; most people are looking for a quick, cheap meal. It’s satisfying, it’s greasy, and then you get the hell out of there.” This quote is demoralizing the value of woman, but with the intention to publicize the issue of prostitution.
Is not an option, woman migrating to the USA prostitutes their body otherwise they become subject to rape and torture. In reality little is known in relation to what immigrants face while traveling to the US. Force prostitution is known as a violation of the human rights. If never expose to this situation, what will one do if is not optional? According to the school of social work “The belief is that no person can truly consent to prostitution, no woman would choose to prostitute herself by free will, and a woman who engages in prostitution is a victim who requires help to escape sexual slavery.”
The industry of prostitution is a crucial health issue. According to a cross-sectional analysis “The US men seeking paid sex across the border in Mexico are at considerable risk of acquiring and transmitting syphilis and other STDs.” The public is not always informed of the higher percentages of sexual transmitted diseases across the border. Studies show that 6 out of 10 illegal immigrant women are raped in their route to the US, and none of the rapes are sexually protected.
The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, passed a law which purpose is to prevent and punish the trafficking and enslavement of women and children. In most cases the rapes are not reported because there is no legal and or moral support for women. Many of the women migrating are from South America and fear deportation from Mexico. If they report the rape to the authorities as they cross through Mexico they would be found as undocumented and most likely deported back to their country of origin. Mexico is known as the burial ground for female immigrants who were trying to cross to the United States. Hopefully in the future the Mexican government becomes more aware of the issue and takes action by prosecuting the criminals; in addition Central American countries should put more pressure on other countries to persecute those who violate the civil rights of those who immigrate for a better life.