Thursday, September 16, 2010


The border between the United States and Mexico is where millions of immigrants are trafficked to the United States every year. There are two points of entry from Mexico to the United States; one between Tijuana, Baja California and San Diego, California and the other is located between Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and Brownsville, Texas. According to David Shirk and Alexandra Webber, “Mexico point of entry is estimated for the 18,000 undocumented migrants trafficked into the United States each year which become a major destination for sexual tourism and pedophiles. It is the most transited border in the world.”
Sexual exploitation and force labor is a criminal activity known as human trafficking. All nationalities are exposed to become a victim of human trafficking; there is no specific skin color, sex, or age. The most common victims are Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians males. Woman and children are the most vulnerable because they can not defend themselves. In the majority of the cases the victims are exposed to mental and physical abuse such, as, rape and starvation. In other cases, they are force to become drug users and traffickers themselves. Labor exploitations, sexual slavery, sex tourism, illegal adoptions, and organ trafficking are the main types of trafficking.
Human exploitation, is the outcome of human necessities. People who search for a better life place their hopes and dreams in the hands of the wrong people. In general, people migrate into the United States to  reunite with their families, to achieve the “American Dream,”  for better educational and labor opportunities. The negative outcome of illegal immigration such as losing their freedom and lives is the high price people pay.. Economically the government invests a lot of time, and resources trying to prevent and stop the current abuses. 


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